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Our commercial laundry equipment services are designed to save you time and money. We provide sales, rental and maintenance services for new and re-conditioned machines, as well a emergency call out services and a spares and parts service, across the UK.

Commercial Washing Machines for Hotels, Spas and B&B's

Having your own onsite laundry is a great way to not only control quality but also to drastically reduce your overheads.

We offer a range of machines ideal for guest houses, B&B's and small hotels looking to save money. For larger hotels or those looking to increase savings by laundering bed linen and table cloths internally, we pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions. We are able to design and install the perfect laundry to meet the demands of your business.

Commercial Tumble Dryers for Hotels, Spas and B&B's

To complement all our wash extractors we offer a range of tumble dryers available in both gas, electric and steam.

For guest houses, B&B's and hotels, condenser dryers mean no external vent is required, providing increase flexibility to where an on premisis laundry can be installed.

For hotel laundries, our heat pump dryers provide outstanding savings. By recycling heat from previous cycles our heat pump dryers can cut energy usage by up to 53% compared to standard element heaters. If space is an issue why not stack the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine.

Commercial Ironers for Hotels, Spas and B&B's

For large amounts of bed linin, table clothes and napkins our rotary ironers are the ideal tool to save time, with the ability to process between 13Kg - 60Kg's per hour. Our rotary ironers come in a range of sizes to suit every requirement depending on the size and quantity of the items requiring finishing.

We have machines that can provide the ideal solution for guest houses, B&B's and small hotels with limited space as they can be manoeuvred with ease and folded away to take up just 1/2 a square meter of floor space.

For medium to large hotels our ironers are capable of finishing between 30Kg and 60Kg of laundry per hour are ideal, even for compact laundry rooms. With a return feed tray installation against a wall is possible, thereby maximising the available space.

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